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Innovative SNF & Therapy Solutions

Skilled Nursing Facility Management

Innovative SNF Solutions

The face of skilled nursing facility management is rapidly changing.

JMD Healthcare Solutions offers you a new therapy model now under PDPM that will save your facility thousands of dollars a year:

  • Transition therapists to “in-house” with our innovative JMD Method
  • JMD Method is an easy 3 steps to transition therapy “in-house” and can be tailored to your specific facility needs
  • Facility “in-house” therapy team will receive clinical leadership from JMD
  • JMD provides financial oversight to therapy and facility
  • JMD R-RAM™ (Regional Rehabilitative Assessment Manager) directly oversees only 5 facilities*
  • JMD monitors the MDS for compliance and opportunities under PDPM
  • JMD provides routine documentation audits
  • JMD takes care of your Additional Record Requests and appeal management
  • JMD offers custom packages to support your SNF

*Based on average caseload and total census

The JMD Method

The JMD Method

  • 3 easy steps to transition therapy in-house
  • Monitoring of Facility’s MDS
  • Quality Education to Facility Staff
  • ADR and appeal management
  • PDPM maximization by R-RAM™
  • 10% Increase in Facility Revenue
  • 10% Decrease in Rehab Staff Costs
  • Monitoring of Facility’s Quality Measures
  • Compliance & Regulation
  • And more!
The JMD Solution

The JMD Solution

Regional Rehabilitative Assessment Manager (R-RAM™)

  • The most valuable professional in the Skilled Nursing Facility industry
  • Expert in both therapy and MDS
  • Monitors therapy documentation
  • Monitors MDS prior to submission
  • Provides routine and customized education
  • Highly skilled rehab professional to oversee the in-house therapy department
  • Medicare compliance monitoring
  • Will assist with capturing NTAs, Speech Components and compliant coding of Section GG
  • Compliance oversight for therapy and MDS
  • Provide revenue cycle management support
  • And more!
PDPM Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

  • Experts in PDPM and Therapy Management
  • Excellence in MDS and ICD-10coding
PDPM Improve Care

Improve Care

  • Superior in Compliance
  • Experienced in Infection Control
PDPM Save Thousands

Save Thousands

  • Eliminates the need for contract therapy
  • Appeals and denials management

“We commit to excellence in performance metrics, to value the nature of service to those in our care and to appreciate the members of our team for their consistent passion for people and performance.”

John M. Delossantos

John M. Delossantos

R-RAM, OTR/L, MBA, RAC-CT, President/CEO

Kathleen Dwyer

Kathleen Dwyer

R-RAM, OTR/L, CHT, RAC-CT, CHC, Executive Vice President

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Excellence in Care
Superior Compliance
Maximized Reimbursement
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